iChoice App Design

Headquarters:  Larkspur, CA
Phone:  (415)-506-9020
Email:  info@iChoiceAppDesign.com
Webpage:  www.iChoiceAppDesign.com

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About the team:

Our diverse team of developers has experience in software development that includes: UI/UX, SQL, databases, audio, maps and annotations, geo-location, gestures, messaging, webpage design, cloud integration, core data, PARSE database integration, and much more.
We follow sound OOP design principles.
Our team has a combined 35+ years of development experience and have contributed to many applications that have been commercially released, both in the app stores and through normal web channels.   They have had major roles designing, developing, and managing software applications used by millions of users.
We develop mobile apps, both iOS and Android,  and web pages and can link the three so that they all work together.