Mobile Alert Software –SmartAlert™

MAS on a iPhone - PerspectiveSmart Alert™ from Mobile Alert Software is an alert system that is designed to work in schools, businesses, or for families.    The alert system will allow teachers, for instance, to press an alert button instantly alerting all other teachers of issues at the school immediately, along with communicating with  AlertCentral™ – located at the administrative office.

Mobile Alert Software – AlertCentral™

Main Screen with AlertAlertCentral™ is is the control hub for the Mobile Alert Software System.The system:

  • Receives all alerts and immediately notifies the administrative and security personnel.
  • Allows messages to be sent to individual and groups of personnel (teachers).
  • Shows all the alert locations on a map so that the help can be sent to the correct location.
  • Keeps track of all the personnel, who has reported in and who has not after an alert is issued.

Allows an “All clear” message to be send once the issue is resolved.

Major Circle of Fifths™

MajorCircleOfFifthsThe Major Circle of Fifths app is a useful reference tool for any musician or student of music theory, from beginners to advanced composers. The buttons from the initial screen represent all of the major scales in the Circle of Fifths. When a button from the circle is pressed the scales are displayed in a simple elegant mannor so that they are easy to understand. The accidentals are included in the musical notation as well as the corresponding letters in the scale.

FHA:  Mobile Real Estate

Real Estate The FHA Real Estate application is a mobile application that allows customers and potential customers of real estate firms to see the open house listings that are in the neighborhood of their choice, either what is immediately around them or for whatever zip code they selected. It:

  • Shows annotations on a map of the open houses as generated by MLS (Multiple Listing Services)
  • Allows you to click through to see pictures of the house for sale and get detailed specifications.
  • It allows you to see what the comps are: What else other Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 9.45.49 AM ouses are for sale that are similar, or have recently sold.
  • Payments calculator:  Calculates the mortgage amount, monthly taxes, and insurance.