MAS on a iPhone - PerspectiveiChoice App Design team of developers design and create apps for all three of the main tiers of the mobile experience:  Apple iOS, Google’s Android, and integrated web development.

We design, develop, test, launch and support applications in each platform:  whether it is stand-alone application running on one of the three tiers, or an app that is interconnected between all three.

Our staff has expertise and can work with you and your team in all aspects of the software development experience:



  • Requirements:  We can help you identify and develop your product specifications from your list of needs.
  • Function Specifications:  We can create for you a functional specification or fine tune the one you already have to meet the needs of the development staff, so that everyone is clear as to the final products look, feel, and functionality
  • UI/UX design:  Our team has years of experience designing user interfaces that work for the end user:  Clear, concise, intuitive.   We will utilize all the great features the mobile devices have to offer.
  • Development:  Combined our team has over 35 years developing software:  We are very good at this and will get you application designed, coded to your specifications.
  • Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 9.44.41 AMTesting and Deployment:  We have designed, developed, tested, and released many commercial (and some for fun) apps over the years.   We have lots of experience getting apps vetted and into the app stores.

Our team members have been part of product launches that used by literally millions of users over the years.